New IDM 6.07 Build 11 Full Jamu Pecet

NEW Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.07 Build 11 - Software download manager that helps speed up the file we downloaded 5 times faster. Support resume and schedule downloads. Update IDM once, among others, automatic updating addresses when downloading files that we download link expired / no longer valid, adding rtmp resume to sites that previously could not be Resumes by IDM, etc..

What's new in version 6.07 build 11?
(Released: Sep 15 2011)

-> Added video stream recognition for several new web players
-> Fixed a critical bug in 64bit versions of Win
-> Resolved the problem with expiration of download links on youtube. Fixed automatic updating of download addresses
-> Added digest authentication for proxy authorization
-> Added rtmp resume for many sites where IDM could not resume in the past
-> Improved downloading for the sites which generate temporary download links

How to Fix Problems in CS Xtreme

I will give tutorials for fix problems often encountered in CS Xtreme.

Q1: How To Fix "Error 5899: Metadata file missing or Damaged [1 ]!!!"
A1: Solution:
      ► Go to C: \Program Files\Counter-Strike Xtreme
      ► Double click half-life.bat
      ► Then to Option > Video > Renderer, change to D3D Render Video
      ► Quit from Half Life
      ► Start the game, and have fun ....
Note: If you to change Render Video to OpenGL, you have to change any resolution you want ...

Q2: How To Fix "Component 'MSCOMCTL.OCX' or one of it dependiencies not correctly registered or missing"
A2: Solution:
      ► Download MSCOMCTL.OCX on
      ► Copy to C:\Windows\System32
      ► Start the game again, and have fun ...

Q3: How To Fix "SV_ModelIndex: model models/nst_wpn/v_knife_w.mdl not precached"
A3: Solution:
      ► Download this file on OR Open this page
      ► Copy to C:\Program Files\Counter-Strike Xtreme\cstrike\models\nst_wpn
      ► Start the game, and have fun ....

The Hidden Weapon for CS-X V5

Sorry nih all, nyimpang dari GTA SA. tapi kalau ane sempat, ane bakalan share kok buat GTA SA. OK ...
Untuk kali ini, ane mau share Mod "The Hidden Weapon" buat CS-X V5.

yang mod kemarin kayaknya kurang bagus + senjatanya gratis semua ....
hemat donk uangnya cuma buat beli iventory aja, wkwkwk :P
kalau yang ini modnya cukup baguslah menurut ane, kalau penasaran nih SS nya:

Note : tidak semua map dapat menggunakan senjata senjata tersebut,
map yang sudah di tes seperti "de_dust2", "egypt",
untuk yang lain bisa kalian coba sendiri

Tips : Back Up file "Original" nya sebelum mereplace dengan file Hidden weapon (file backupnya ada di sini)

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