Point Blank Weapon To San Andreas 1.0

  • AK-SOPMOD - a modification of the AK-103, which has an optical sight. Looks pretty impressive.
  • 870MCS - brutal shotgun
  • AK-47 Comments excess
  • Desert Eagle - Desert Eagle pistols designed as a specialized weapon for hunting medium and big game, as well as for certain types of shooting sports. As the battle (official) weapons that gun never use was not intended
  • M4A1 S (Coil) - Model M4A1 S has a camouflage surface for camouflage.
  • P90 - Simple to use, easy - only some of the merits of the genius designer John Browning. The shape and design of this weapon is often baffling even the most experienced shooters, but everything fell into place when you take up arms.
  • Rocket Launcher - a qualitative model
  • L115A1 - Sniper Rifle (LRR) L115A1 - highly accurate sniper system with a sliding gate, created on the basis of a rifle Accuracy International AWM, superior STANDARD L96A1 sniper rifle in the penetrating power, accuracy and range strelby.
  • KRISS SUPER V - unique in its appearance and characteristics of the gun
  • Dragunov - killer sniping (in the gold version)
  • Mp7 - it's hard to kill anybody either but still if you try =)

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